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Crystal Growing

Crystal Growing



Lab grade ring stand with convenient clamp.  No home-based chem lab should be without five of six of these.

Ring Stand 

This is an outstanding first microscope kit for a student scientist who's just starting out. Low-cost with plenty of interesting specimens to observe and explore can provide a captivating introduction to the world of the microscopic. 

First Scope

Rocketry Supplies

This is the simplest way we know to find the height of something, or the altitude of a model rocket launch.  Measure the distance to the base, and this device tells you the angle to the top. From there simple geometry gives the height. Great for outdoor labs of all kinds!

Rocketry How-To

Perhaps the best all around guide to building and launching model rockets. If you want to learn about this wonderful STEM hobby, buy this book!

The best way to get young people into the great adventure that is science is to give them the tools, the techniques, and the encouragement they need to make authentic discoveries themselves.  

LabRats provides all three during our meetings.  But, your student(s) can't achieve their greatest potential as a citizen scientist unless they have access to the essential tools of discovery at home.  

Our purpose in creating these pages is to provide you with specific recommendations for products you may wish to purchase to support your children's interest in a particular field of STEM.  

Most parents have no idea what needs a budding citizen scientist is likely to have, or how to select products that meet those needs.  So, to make your life easier, we have tired to identify the specific needs that the citizen scientists in your life may have, and then pair each need with a specific product that we feel is an outstanding value.  

Please note that, as a participant in the Amazon Associate's Program,  LabRats does receive a small commission on each product sold, and those commissions go directly to support our program.  However, we do not not officially endorse any products or brands except our own.  

We hope you find this to be a helpful resource. And we deeply appreciate your support of the LabRats Science Education Program!

Dr. Shawn

Executive Director

Cards for Magic 

LabRats teaches magic in part so that our members can learn just how easy it is for people to be fooled. These playing cards are the stalwart tools of magicians around the world. For reasons we explain to our members, we recommend that you purchase blue and red pairs like these.  

Fanning Powder 

Do you know how playing cards get "sticky" after a while? Fanning powder is the magician's secret to making cards handle smoothly time after time. Place your cards in a sealed plastic baggie with a pinch this, shake vigorously, then remove the excess with a lite rub against a clean cloth. One order is enough to last most magicians a lifetime. 

How-To Secrets 

Master over 70 self-working miracles with cards with this excellent resource. Learn the patter and presentations that create extraordinary illusions with almost no slight of hand necessary. This is an excellent introductory book for the student who wants to excel in art of legerdemain

 Advanced Cards

Learn advanced slight of hand and show stopping effects from this classic of magic. 

Complete Course

Mark Wilson is one of the all-time great teachers of magic. His course provides a solid introduction to all of the basic fields of magic: Cards, coins, silks, rope and more. A great book for the more serious performer.

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