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Solderless breadboards make circuit building quick and easy. The perfect breadboard for small student electronics projects. 

Wire Kit

Don't waste time and energy trying to measure, cut and strip your own wires. Serious electronics buffs make their lives easier by using these precut, pre-stripped and pre-bent wires connect components on their breadboards. 


Don't waste valuable time and gas money driving to your local electronics supply company buying resistors in small packs for each new project, only to find they don't even have the values you need.  Stock up instead on 100 of the most frequently used resistor values by students and hobbyists.  


Why pay $1.69 for a single LED at your local electronics supply shop when you could by 80 LEDs for under $3? These clear LEDs (with resistors) come in 10 to a pack in 8 different colors. Perfect for the student projects or citizen scientists. 

#741 Op Amps

The 741 operational amplifier is one of the great stalwarts of modern electronics. Suitable for most student and citizen science projects. Stock up and save!

9V Battery Caps

Well, how else are you going to connect your batteries to the circuitboard?  Stock up now.

9V Batteries

Building a project?Avoid the trip to the store by buying your batteries here.

Digital Multimeter

Here's the most inexpensive multimeter I know that's also truly useful. This has all the features you need to do just about every citizen science project you'll likely to ever carry out. 

Trim Pots

Ten 10K variable resistors. Perfect for trim pots and other applications on solderless breadboards.


This is a fantastic resource for people who are just getting started in electronics. Highly recommended!  

The best way to get young people into the great adventure that is science is to give them the tools, the techniques, and the encouragement they need to make authentic discoveries themselves.  

LabRats provides all three during our meetings.  But, your student(s) can't achieve their greatest potential as a citizen scientist unless they have access to the essential tools of discovery at home.  

Our purpose in creating these pages is to provide you with specific recommendations for products you may wish to purchase to support your children's interest in a particular field of STEM.  

Most parents have no idea what needs a budding citizen scientist is likely to have, or how to select products that meet those needs.  So, to make your life easier, we have tired to identify the specific needs that the citizen scientists in your life may have, and then pair each need with a specific product that we feel is an outstanding value.  

Please note that, as a participant in the Amazon Associate's Program,  LabRats does receive a small commission on each product sold, and those commissions go directly to support our program.  However, we do not not officially endorse any products or brands except our own.  

We hope you find this to be a helpful resource. And we deeply appreciate your support of the LabRats Science Education Program!

Dr. Shawn

Executive Director


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