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Be a LabRats Instructor

The best job in teaching

Part-time only (Full-time positions will become available as LabRats grows.)

Minimum pay $35 per hour (classes range between one to two hours).

Teach as many classes as you want, while preparing only one new lesson per week. 

Preprepared lessons plans include...

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Talking points

  • Personal coaching for each lesson

All teaching materials supplied by LabRats

Work exclusively with highly motivated children and families.

No papers or tests to grade.

One 1 hour (paid) training with your fellow instructors per week is required.

You must have your own car.

It's not easy to become a LabRats instructor. In fact, most teachers can't do it.


That's because it's not just about knowing the material. It's about being able to connect with young people on a deep emotional level. You must be able to inspire our members to believe in themselves because they believe in you. It's not enough for them to like you. They must respect you. They must look up to you. They must admire you, and want to be like you. Only then will you be able to have a truly transformational impact on their lives. 

Here are the qualities that you must have...

  • You must be a natural leader and showman.

  • You must have a passion for education. 

  • You must have a solid background in STEM.

  • You must be reliable and highly dedicated.

  • You must be results-oriented.

  • must be coachable

LabRats is a highly successful branded system of education for a reason. All LabRats members experience the same branded system, so that they can move easily from one Synergy to another. That means all LabRats Instructors must teach using the LabRats approach to education.  

As Dr. Shawn likes to tell all prospective teachers (borrowing and idiom from the Navy), "When it comes to teaching STEM, there's the right way, the wrong way, and the LabRats way. If you refuse to teach STEM the LabRats way, then you can teach for us."

Do YOU have what it takes?

If you have a passion to teach science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) to the next generation, then you may have just found your dream opportunity.  

Joining our growing team of LabRats instructors will you make a leader in Next Generation Science instruction.   


You bring the passion, commitment and the professionalism, we'll provide the training, the curriculum, the students, and all the tools you will ever need to have a transformational impact on young people's lives.  


Why be limited in the classroom?  When it comes to inspiring greatness in young people, LabRats pulls out all the stops.  We will put you on the forefront of STEM education.  

What's in this for you?

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