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What Makes LabRats Different?

The best from Scouts and Sports, applied to STEM

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Ethics Above All


At the foundation of LabRats lies an ethical code that was inspired by the high-minded nature of the scientific enterprise itself.


*The LabRats Credo 

  • Be fair, kind, and generous to all.

  • Respect yourself and all others.

  • Never cheat or accept the cheating of others.

  • Think like a scientist.

  • Always do the smart thing.

  • Always follow through.

  • Work for a higher purpose.

It is no accident that, after parents, successful adults tend to identify coaches and scoutmasters as the most important people in their childhood. 

That's because both the coaching and scouting cultures focus on developing character, creating leaders, promoting teamwork, and inspiring young people to want to become better human beings. 


LabRats borrows heavily from their example, particularly the example of scouting. Like Scouting, we hold both our leaders and our members to the highest ethical standards as codified in the LabRats Credo*. 

Our members gain social status through a rank-based system of advancement that emphasizes self-empowerment, leadership, service, and exploration. To achieve the highest rank, that of Discoverer, a member must make an original contribution to science. By they time they leave the program, every member has the potential to invent new technologies and to add new knowledge to the record of human understanding. 

LabRats is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America

A Tale of Two LabRats

LabRats has two divisions.  One for children, and the other for tweens and teens. To learn more, click below.

Junior Explorers:   

Senior Explorers:  

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